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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the government-owned flag carrier airline of Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines operates flights from its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and its secondary hub in Kota Kinabalu.

About Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles
You can earn that dream vacation in no time at all!
Enrich Miles are the currency for you to enjoy travel benefits and privileges. Read on to discover how to earn, use and manage Enrich Miles!
With so many Enrich Partners, it's easy to earn Enrich Miles! Here are some ways:
Fly with Malaysia Airlines
Fly with our Partner Airlines
Use our other Partners: Hotels, Credit Cards, Car Rentals, Travel, Telecommunications, Lifestyle and Shopping-at more than 4,000 locations worldwide!

How to redeem your Enrich Miles
Claim your Enrich awards in 3 easy steps!
Step 1: Check the number of Enrich Miles that you have accrued   ENRICH ONLINE
Step 2: Choose the awards that you wish to redeem   MILES & AWARDS CALCULATOR
Step 3: To redeem your award, visit your nearest Malaysia Airlines office
If you’re thinking of using your Enrich Miles to redeem for flight, take a look at our travel planner to plan your journey.
Our travel planner shows the redemption availability for every Malaysia Airlines flights, making it easier for you to decide when and where to go for your holidays. 

The more you fly,the more enrich rewards you!
A truly enriching lifestyle

A truly enriching lifestyle

With Enrich Blue, you are on your way to discovering new experiences, reaping rewarding Enrich Miles and enjoying privileges that go beyond travel. The benefits and privileges that come with being an Enrich Blue member are specially designed for your comfort and needs.
Free flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide

  • Free seat upgrades
  • Enrich RM50 Vouchers for Temptations Inflight Shopping and excess baggage payment
  • Enjoy the comfort and warm hospitality through our Golden Lounges (*accessible through Golden Lounge Vouchers) 
  • Enjoy all-inclusive leisure package holidays from Golden Holidays
  • And more!
Ushering you into a more precious lifestyle

Ushering you into a more precious lifestyle

Enrich Silver is an Elite tier that brings you to a whole new world of delightful privileges. Being an Enrich Silver member means being pampered with everything special - special treatments, special services, special offers, and you can also start accumulating your Elite tier bonuses. Advance to Enrich Silver, and you instantly gain access to a wealth of greater privileges

  • Earn Elite Tier Bonus of an additional 25% more Enrich Miles on the Class of Service Bonus when you fly First or Business Class on Malaysia Airlines
  • Gain access to our Golden Lounge Privilege Programme
  • Enjoy Priority Check-in at our Business Class counters even when you’re flying Economy Class
  • An extra 5 kg excess baggage allowance is allocated for your enjoyment when you travel
  • And more!

To attain and maintain Enrich Silver, all you have to do is earn 25,000 Elite Miles or 20 Elite Sectors within a calendar year.

The Gold standard of a rewarding lifestyle

The Gold standard of a rewarding lifestyle

Enrich Gold is your passport to a new level of service and satisfaction, because you truly deserve services that are second to none. With Enrich Gold, you will continue to enjoy exemplary service and the golden privileges that come with being a member.

  • Complimentary access to the Golden Lounge and shared lounges even when travelling Economy Class on Malaysia Airlines
  • Special Kerb-Side Drop Off area with porter service at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Additional 50% excess baggage allowance over and above the entitlement of your class of travel
  • Priority check in and telephone check in
  • And more!

To attain Enrich Gold status, simply accumulate 50,000 Elite Miles or 60 Elite Sectors within a calendar year.

The creme de la creme of Enrich

The creme de la creme of Enrich

Enrich Platinum is the highest tier of Enrich Membership. Enjoy the best benefits and privileges available, because you deserve only the finest things in life.

  • Access to the exclusive Platinum Suite at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Access to Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge and shared lounges
  • Pre-order meals with the Chef-On-Call Menu Serviceyour class of travel
  • Meet Greet Service at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Same Platinum privileges extended to your spouse
  • Enrich Platinum Assistance Programme in partnership with International SOS
  • Non-expiry of your Enrich Miles
  • And more!

To reach the pinnacle of Enrich, accrue 450,000 Platinum Miles or 375 Platinum Sectors within 3 consecutives years. To maintain Enrich Platinum, accrue 100,000 Platinum Miles within a calendar year.

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