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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China, and 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, center of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

After leaving the aircraft you proceed to the health and immigration counters. Depending on the arrival bridge, this takes approx. 3 to 7 minutes.

Before arring at the immigration counter you have to hand over the health declaration form to an officer and then proceed to immigration. Beijing airport has a huge immigration area with at least 30 or more counters, separated into counters for Chinese and for foreigners. If there's a huge crowd at the foreigner's counters the friendly immigration officers from the Chinese - only counters wave people to their boots in order to speed up the immigration process.


After immigration you have to go downstairs to the conveyor belts where you'll pick up your checked-in baggage. Then go to customs, hand over the customs declaration form (usually customs doesn't check arriving foreigners as long as the flights are from North America or Europe).

All signs at the airport are bilingual (Chinese and English) Official services at the airport are all available in English.

English tourist information is available at the Beijing Airport. Please be sure to pick up a Beijing Tourism Guide upon arrival. It includes Beijing subway map, points of interest and useful phone numbers. You will find it very useful whilst travelling in Beijing.

you need prepare some loose change for petty expenses in the airport.

It is a good idea to arrive early for your flight because there are also a few forms to fill in.

When taking taxi at the Capital International Airport, please go to the taxi station to take the authorized taxi. And you must check price table attached inside window and drivers Service Supervisor Card.

When get a taxi from the airport, it is recommended that passengers have their destination written in Chinese to avoid confusion. No need to tip taxi drivers unless you really appreciate their services.

Temporary Certificates: If passengers find their valid certificate missing, damaged or out of date, they can go to Room 22008, the location of security inspection police station, to get a temporary certificate. This is necessary in going through the checking procedure.
Tel: 010-64597459

A no-luggage check-in counter is available in the north of the 2nd floor at Terminal 2 for the passengers without luggage.

Airport Inquiring
Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Service Tel: 010-64545805
Terminal 3 Service Tel: 010-64541100/010-64541111 (charge as local call and available for 24 hours)

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