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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China, and 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, center of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

Shopping: There is a wide range of shopping outlets both before and after security at Beijing Airport, with stores situated on all three levels. Level 2 has separate shopping areas for Domestic Departures and International Departures. The Domestic Departures area has retail outlets selling a variety of items including tea, souvenirs, alcohol, traditional clothing, toys, electronic goods, watches, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The International Departures area has great duty-free shopping with many of the same items that are on offer in the Domestic Departures area, but at cheaper prices. There are also bargains to be had on Chinese spirits, jewellery and crafts.

Airport food:
There is a limited selection of food and dining options at Terminal 2. There is only one restaurant in the international area of the terminal once passengers are past security, and the prices are several times higher than similar food downtown Beijing. A Japanese set meal is advertised on the official airport website as RMB 88, four-times higher than a similar offering downtown. By comparison, the domestic area of Terminal 2 has a number of dining options, all at more reasonable prices. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks have opened outlets in the airport in both Terminals 1 and 2. KFC is available at the basement level in Terminal 2, while Starbucks is only available before passengers go through check-in and security.

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