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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China, and 25.35km from the Tiananmen Square, center of Beijing city. It is not only an aviation gateway of Beijing and a window for international communication, but also a radial center for China civil aviation network, featured in a large-scale international airport, with most important location, biggest scale, fullest facilities and busiest transportation in China.

Inner - terminal transportation
To get from Terminal 3C to 3D and 3E, both domestic and international travellers will have to get boarding passes at T3C, but international passengers have to board from T3E. The two-kilometer trip between the two buildings is shortened to two minutes by an intra-terminal train. To help passengers go to the right terminal, the airport provides free inner-terminal shuttles between T3 and Terminals 1 and 2 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The buses set out every ten minutes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and every 20 minutes during other times.

Getting into Town

Taxi: Metered taxis are available at the airport (journey time to the city center: 40-60 minutes); it is advisable that passengers have the destination written in Chinese or indicated on a map. While you take taxi, you may pay only CNY10/USD1.5 in 3 km. You would pay according to above price table from the forth km. Pay additional fee as 50% of price table from the 16h km. And the price kind is CNY 2/USD0.3 per km.

Airport Express (Beijing Subway): The Airport Express Line are runs from Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 of Airport to Dongzhimen (The name of one of the gates in the old city walls of Beijing, it is now a transportation node in Beijing, which transfers to Subway Lines 2 and 13), and Sanyuanqiao (A major overpass on the northeastern stretch of Beijing's 3rd Ring Road, which transfers to Subway Line 10), the ticket of Express is cost RMB 25 yuan(USD $4), The first city-bound train departs Terminal 3 at 6:21am and Terminal 2 at 6:35am. The last train to leave the airport departs Terminal 3 at 10:51pm and Terminal 2 at 11:10pm. The first airport-bound train departs from Dongzhimen at 6:00am; the last train leaves at 10:30pm.

Bus: The Airport-City Shuttle Bus departs from outside Arrivals and takes three routes into the city: Xidan(A very large shopping area and often frequented by real Beijing residents), Gongzhufen(A major traffic and public transportation hub in the Haidian District of western Beijing, China. The name literally means "Tomb of the Princess".) and Zhongguancun(It is often referred to as "China's Silicon Valley"). The most popular route is to Xidan in central Beijing, a short walk from the Forbidden City. The other routes are to Gongzhufen in western Beijing and to Zhongguancun in the city’s northwest district; the shuttle also stops at major hotels.
If you have the time, then the buses are definitely the best way to see the city. You can take Bus 359 or Airport line 1 to Dongzhimen, airport bus (16RMB) is faster but city bus (2RMB)is much cheaper.

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