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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Located in Shanghai's western suburbs, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is a convenient 13 kilometers from the centre of the city. One of the busiest airports in China, it accommodates domestic arrivals and departures while also providing a service to Tokyo and Seoul, and having standby capacity for international flight landings. With 15 waiting halls, 15 luggage conveyors, 18 VIP lounges, and a variety of shops, restaurants, and other facilities, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is well equipped to serve the millions of people who use it each year.

Airport Hotels: The Shanghai International Airport Hotel offers remote check-in for flights to Japan and a shuttle transfer to the international terminal. Hotels close to the airport include the Hengshan Hotel, Hilton Shanghai, Hotel Equitorial Shanghai, Marriot Shanghai Hongqiao, New Garden Hotel, Nikko International Airport Hotel, Novotel Atlantis Shanghai, Shanghai Jo Mandarin, Sheraton Grand, Sofitel Hyland Shanghai, Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel and Tai Ping Yang Hotel. Many major hotels have shuttle buses from the airport, enquire at the hotel desks in the airport Arrivals hall.



Shanghai International Airport Hotel
The hotel is located in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. The hotel provides free pick-up and see-off service from Hongqiao Airport at any time. About to Pudong International Airport: One time every thirty minutes during 5:45-21:30 from hotel to airport; One time every thirty minutes during 8:00 until over from airport to hotel.
Tel: 86-21-62688888






Shanghai Honggang Hotel

Shanghai Honggang Hotel is an external 3-stars rating hotel which invested by Shanghai Airport (Group). It sets up an air corridor which is joined with the Hongqiao airport lounge building A. It makes so convenient for customer straight to the airport lounge building with time saving. At the same time, the customer who is waiting in the airport lounge building can be straight to the hotel for dinner and tea. The cafeteria and the teahouse are both equipped with screens and broadcasts for freight schedule. Customer there won’t miss the freight schedule to boarding. Tel: 86-21-62681008
                                                                          Shanghai Honggang Hotel

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