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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Located in Shanghai's western suburbs, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is a convenient 13 kilometers from the centre of the city. One of the busiest airports in China, it accommodates domestic arrivals and departures while also providing a service to Tokyo and Seoul, and having standby capacity for international flight landings. With 15 waiting halls, 15 luggage conveyors, 18 VIP lounges, and a variety of shops, restaurants, and other facilities, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is well equipped to serve the millions of people who use it each year.

Shopping: There is duty-free shopping available, as well as a shopping market located just outside the airport entrance. Chinese specialities, such as silk clothing and scroll paintings, are available for purchase.
Located at No. 3-5 Waiting Hall and No. 2-4 Entrance of Domestic Departure in Terminal A; At the No. 10-11 waiting Hall in Terminal B.

Book Store:
Located at No. 12 Waiting Hall in Terminal B.

Airport food:
Located at the No. 3-4 Entrance of Domestic Departure Hall, No. 7, No. 1-2 Domestic waiting Hall and No. 2 Exit of Domestic Arrival & Greeting Hall in Terminal A; At No. 12 Waiting Hall and No. 4 Exit of Greeting Hall in Terminal B.

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