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Shanghai Pudong Airport

Pudong International Airport is situated at the eastern edge of Pudong district at around thirty-km from Shanghai’s downtown area and about forty-km from Hongqiao International Airport and covers more than 15.4 sq miles of area. It is the most important and famous airports of China. The airport provides services to 73 international areas and 62 domestic cities. The airport consists of 2 passenger terminals which are connected by 2 parallel runways and it is the 3rd-busient airport of China. Apart from passenger services, it also serves as a major hub for air-freights.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities: ATMs can be found in various locations in the terminal, while a total of four banks offering currency exchange and other services are on hand in various parts of the airport.

Two post offices: In the Domestic Departures Hall and the Domestic Departures Concourse on the third floor. Regular and international telephones can be found throughout the airport.

Pudong Development Bank: Between No. 12 and No. 14 Door of International Arrival 
Waiting Hall in International Departure. (Opposite to No.37 First Class Lounge) 
Service Time: From the Beginning of flight to the end of flight
Citiz Bank: Beside No. 5 Door of International Departure. 
Service Time: 8:00--19:00
China Commercial and Industry Bank: Beside No. 6 Door of International Departure. 
Service Time: 6:00--end of flight
Bank of China: Beside No. 15 Door of International Departure. 
Service Time: 5:45--end of flight

Luggage Storage: Domestic Arrival Hall (Between No. 8-9 Door) Tel:68346324, International Arrival Hall (Between No. 10-11 Door) Tel: 68346078, International Departure Hall (Between No. 14-15 Door ) Tel: 68345035, Domestic Departure Hall (Between No. 5-6 Door ) Tel: 68345021
Service Time 6:00--Flight over
Passengers should show the flight ticket and valid certificate before registration.

Air Insurance Counters: In front of Airport Construction Fee Counters in Domestic Departure Hall and International Departure Hall.
Service Time :From the beginning of flight to the end of flight
Fees: The premium for each sheet is RMB 20, and the amount insured is RMB 400,000.Each person can at most buy 5 sheets of air insurance.

Lost and Found: Between The 8th and The 9th Door in Arrival Hall.
TEL :68346324
Service Time: 8:30~20:30

Nursing Room:
International Hall(F3) 1. Between The18th and 19th Boarding Gate.
2. Between The 22nd and 23rd Boarding Gate
3. Near The 24 Boarding Gate
Domestic Hall (F3)  1. Between The7th and 8th Boarding Gate
2. Between The 9th and 10th Boarding Gate
3. Between The 11th and The 12th Boarding Gate.


Leisure Service: Many service items such as beautifying looks and hair and foot massage are provided at multi-functional hall at business street area which are the best leisure place for eliminating travelling fatigue.

Other facilities: There are baby change/feeding rooms. There is a pharmacy in the shopping mall, on the third floor. Transit beds are available on an hourly basis.

Airport Police: The Shanghai Pudong International Airport Police telephone numbers are 021-6834565 and 021-68345692


Service Tel:
Airport Inquiring Tel:  021-96990
Coach Service Tel: 021-68345743
Taxi Service Tel: 021-962000
Maglev Train Service Tel: 021-28907777
Airport Bus Service Tel:  021-68346612/021-68346645/021-68346830/021-68855057/021-68022000

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