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  • What is the difference between a full fare and a discounted fare?

    The full fare ticket is based on a gross fare, without any discount or incentive commission, and can be endorsable, reroutable, it to be used within one year. The price is higher than the special fare ticket.

    The special fare ticket is based on a concessionary fare introduced by the airlines. Yet it is Non-Endorsable and has some limitations. The validity of a special fare ticket is specified by the carrier in accordance with its relevant regulations.

  • How far in advance should I book my flight tickets to get the lowest fares?

    As a general rule, you will get the full price of flight tickets if you book too far in advance. This is because our airline partners start giving discounts when most of the booking volume can be anticipated. But there are also a small number of airlines offer promotions that you can book the ticket 1 year in advance.

    Generally speaking, to get the best fares for international flights, start booking 4 weeks before your departure date. For international peak seasons like Christmas and New Year, start booking 2 to 3 months in advance.

    Please remember that low-fare tickets sell fast. Therefore, after most low-fare tickets will be sold out and the ticket prices may become more expensive again. During these periods a late booking (1 week before departure) may even result in paying a larger amount than the price of a regular airline ticket.

    Depending on the sale status of ticket, we will give you a reasonable time for booking ticket. We mainly provide E-Tickets, when ticket number is issued, you can verify the authenticity of it on the website of the airline or the ticket reservation system. We will also send you the fax or the scanning copy of E-Ticket. The price exclude the insurance. Generally recommend that you purchase the insurance in your country of residence or at the airport before check-in.

  • How do I find the lowest fares?

    In order to get the exact and the most favorite price, please provide us the name of the passengers, exact depart date and return date which you want. We offer the ticket price reference and the fare reference separately. The taxes depending on the airline which you choose, class you take, whether transit, passenger’s status, the departure time you choose. When we know about your information and requirement, we can offer the most favorable ticket price to you.

  • Someting More Useful

    1)For get the exact price, please tell us the exact depart date and return date which you want.

    2)In order to avoid failure of booking tickets, you’d better to book your seat reservation earlier. To make a reservation is free and the tickets can be cancelled before tickets are issued.

    3)Please note that some of the discounted fare has the restrictions conditions.

    4)The validity of travel permit may not exceed the period of your visa.

    5)Please make sure the spelling has to be exactly the same as the one shown on the passport (or I.D. card)

    6)Please be aware to pay for the ticket which you have booked before the ticket time limit, in order to avoid the booking be cancelled.

    7)If you will take the child or the infant, please inform us his/her date of birth.

    8)Important documents, diplomatic pouch, securities, currency, bill of exchange, valuables, fragile objects, perishable good, and other goods which need of a special person to care about, the above mentioned goods can’t be put in the checked baggage. The carrier assume no responsibility for the above mentioned goods damaged or lost on the way.



  • What are the carry-on baggage regulations for China domestic flights?

    In addition to the checked luggage, the carriers permitted the passenger to carry about a baggage. The carry-on luggage will be taken care of by the passengers themselves through the entire flight (including in the stopover).

    Each first-class passenger is entitled to have two pieces of carry-on baggages. Each business-class and economy-class passenger is entitled to have one piece of carry-on baggage. The size of each carry-on baggage should be smaller than 20 * 40 * 55 centimeter (7.8 * 15.7 * 21.6 inches) and total weight should be less than 5 kg (11 pounds). Passengers are requested to stow their hand -baggage in the lockers above the seats. If the lockers of some aircraft types are relatively small to hold all the baggages, the baggages should be properly put in a designated place where do not hamper pass through. After landing, please take your belongings with you when you disembark.

  • What should I do if my paper tickets are lost?

    Report the loss of your ticket to the carrier or their authorized agent the moment you realize that your airline ticket is missing. The carrier holds no liability for the lost ticket which has been fraudulently used or refunded under the passenger's name.

    For the loss of confirmed ticket, the passenger should provide the evidence to the carrier an hour before departure time. And the carrier will reissue a new ticket. The new ticket can’t be refunded. For the loss of open ticket, passengers can report lost tickets to the original ticketing agency, then the agency shall inform the carrier. In case of the ticket has not been used or refunded within the period of validity (1 year), a refund will be issued within 30 days.

  • How do I handle the ticket refunding?

    On failure by Carrier to provide carriage in accordance with the contract of carriage, or where a passenger requests a voluntary change of his or her arrangements, refund for an unused ticket or portion thereof shall be made by Carrier.

    For refund procedures one should present passenger air ticket with unused flight coupons and passenger coupon. Refunds can only be handled within the validity period of the ticket at the airline ticket agents of the original purchase place of the ticket, the airport of departure or the airport of final destination. Carrier shall be entitled to make refund either to the person named in the ticket, or to the person who has paid for the ticket upon presentation of satisfactory proof. For passengers who want to refund their tickets of their own accord, they should provide their ticket or e-ticket receipt as well as their identity certificates. The specific refunding policies of major China domestic airlines vary and passengers are advised to consult the service counter or the ticket agencies.

    The open tickets holder can only return tickets at the original ticket offices where he or she purchased tickets.

    In case of the passenger voluntarily stop the air travel at the airports for stops, the unused portion of the ticket can’t be refunded.

  • What is the difference between transit and stopover?

    For the international flight, connecting time between flights is within 24 hours under normal circumstance. While a stopover is a stay of more than 24 hours. But some of the airlines have the different policy. Air Canada as an example, the separation that divides the transfer from the stop over is 4 hours.

  • What are the child ticket and the infant ticket?

    Child ticket - Ticket for the child at the age of 2-12 years old to date of departure.
    Baby ticket - Ticket for the infant at the age of 0-2 years old to date of departure.
    According to the different routes and price, enjoy different discount.
    Many airline companies offer discounted airfares for infants and children. Normally, children between 2 and 12 years old at time of traveling fly for 75% of the full price, while infants between 0 and 2 years old at the time of traveling are charged at just 10% of the full price.

  • What're the meaning of Non-Endorsable, Non-Reroutable, Non-Refundable?


    Many special fare air tickets have some limitations, the most common is:

    Non-Endorsable - The ticket is valid for travel only on the carrier which issued it.

    Non-Reroutable - Date change is not permitted after the ticket issued.

    Non-Refundable – Refund the ticket is not permitted after the ticket issued. 

    You can also check with the specific circumstances related to the airline.


  • What is the open ticket?

    Open ticket refers to the ticket which the date of return without be specified. The return ticket marked with “Open”. Open ticket would allow you to change your ticket's return date. You should inform the airline ticket agent if you want to get the open airline ticket, and ask if the date of ticket can be changed free. A cheaper ticket might allow changes for a fee, and the cheapest will not allow any changes at all.

  • What is Premium Economy?

    Some airline carriers offer Premium Economy, a separate class of seating and service that differs from standard Economy. Premium Economy is found mostly on international flights and, compared to standard Economy, offers about 5-7 inches of extra legroom as well as additional amenities, which can include:
    1-2 extra inches of seat width
    2-3 extra inches of seat recline
    Adjustable headrests, leg rests, or lumbar support
    Larger personal TV screens
    Laptop Power Ports
    Premium Food Service

  • How much does Premium Economy Cost?

    While there are a number of factors that determine airline ticket prices, we priced out a number of trips on each of the airlines offering a Premium Economy service to give you a general idea of cost.

    Compared to booking standard Economy for flights over the Atlantic Ocean (i.e. USA – Europe):
    1) If you book in advance, Premium Economy is generally 85% more expensive than your standard Economy fare.
    2) If you book closer to your departure date, Premium Economy is generally only 35% more expensive than your standard Economy fare. The extra cost can be as low as just 10% more, so remember to ask about Premium Economy if you have a last minute Economy booking.

    Compared to booking Economy for flights over the Pacific Ocean (i.e. USA – Asia/Australia):
    Premium Economy fares across the Pacific Ocean don't vary quite as much with purchase time; they are generally 95% more expensive than standard Economy fares (yes, almost double).

  • When is Premium Economy a good value?

    When the extra cost is 10-15% more than standard Economy, we believe this represents a good value for the comfort conscious flier. Also, keep an eye out for day-of-travel upgrade opportunities.     If an airline hasn't filled their premium seats ahead of time, they may be offering a discounted upgrade at check-in.

    If your employer's travel policy doesn't allow Business Class travel, Premium Economy can be a great choice. You'll have upgraded seats and an "Economy" ticket on your expense report.

  • How does Premium Economy compare to Business Class?

    A Premium Economy fare is generally 65% less expensive than a Business Class fare. In terms of space and amenities, these two classes are VERY different with Business Class offering up to 50% more legroom, significantly greater recline, more substantial leg rests and headrests, and superior food and wine offerings.

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